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Alder  (Alnus glutinosa)   NATIVE

Rapidly growing tree (0.5m pa for first 30 - 40 years) mature at about 60 years with
long trunk and narrow crown.
Very tolerant of water logged conditions whilst dormant.
Typical streamside tree and as a specific habitat.
Used widely on reclamation sites as tolerant of poor soils.

Cone                Leaves                            Buds

Leaves: Round, dark green leaves, heavily veined with serrated edges.
 Large buds on stalks, alternately up the stem. Buds stalked, with a
mauve bloom. Male catkins wine red

Uses past and present:

Uses of wood - General purpose hardwood and pulpwood.
Particularly suitable for turning, formerly used to make clogs.
Burns quickly when used for firewood but suitable for charcoal
(used to be used for charcoal for gunpowder).
Hardens when immersed in water and suitable for making piles.