***This is an archived page as the Ayrshire FEI group no longer exists, please visit our EDUCATION page for latest information***

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Forest Education Initiative (FEI) aims to increase the understanding and appreciation, particularly among young
people, of the environmental, social and economic potential of trees, woodlands and forests and the link between
the tree and everyday wood products.

At present, the Ayrshire FEI cluster operates through the auspices of East Ayrshire Woodlands, which includes
informal environmental education linkages with other like minded organisations and craftworkers throughout Ayrshire.
We organise and participate in events and are involved in a variety of initiatives throughout the region with various
partner organisations.

FEI brings information to young people, in their homes, in schools & in colleges. Where possible, we encourage the
public, especially young people, to use trees, timber and the forest environment for learning and gaining skills within
their natural environment.


Children and young people
Teachers and group leaders
Education advisers in science, geography, design, technology & environmental studies
Forestry, timber & processing industries

FEI produces a range of learning resources which are available to all.




Local PR
Good contact with local schools as a Business Link
Community understanding of the modern timber industry
Potential future employees
Fulfill Educational obligations from Scottish Forestry Strategy 2006

What we are looking for from industry / contacts;

Basic agreement to host x number of school visits per year
Basic agreement to deliver x number of in school talks per year (optional)

Supply a small range of samples / products for use within FEI promotion for
website, events etc. Agreement to attend / supply information / display materials
for Ayrshire FEI event



Good contact with local industry - Business Links
Education & curriculum links
Understanding of the modern & local timber industry
Potential future employers


Support from your local FEI cluster group
Receive talks from local industry
Site visits for both teachers & pupils
Sponsorship to enable travel to sites

Contact your local cluster group for information about local woods,
resources & contacts interested in promoting woodland education.

Supply a small range of samples / products for use within FEI promotion for website,
events etc.
Agreement to attend / supply information / display materials for Ayrshire FEI event

Interested in becoming a member of Ayrshire Forest Cluster? Contact us or fill in the
details form here

Archived FEI Newsletters

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Summer 2012
Spring / Summer 2011 (pdf)
Winter 2010 (pdf)
Summer 2010 (pdf)
Christmas 2009 (pdf)
Spring 2009 (pdf)
Summer 08 (pdf)
November 07 (pdf)
Winter 06/07 (pdf)

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Crossroads Primary Willow Dome  Crossroads Primary Willow Dome




Grow your own tree      The Forest (Poem)    

The Gatherers Conscience (Poem)     How the wood got its birdsong (Poem / activity)


British Trees (Interactive) (Print)

Woodland Birds (Interactive) (Print)

Woodland Wildflowers (Interactive) (Print)



British Wildlife (Interactive) - 2 players or two teams, great to play when using pc projector



**NEW - Charcoal Burning Information**

Craufurdland Estate Traditional Skills Education Wood

Further details to be added in due course.

Ayrshire Forest Schools Update

The Ayrshire Forest Cluster sub-group has been taking forward the development of
numerous, sustainable forest schools throughout Ayrshire. At present, we are looking
to develop forest schools in East Ayrshire (1 or 2 sites), South Ayrshire (1 site), North
Ayrshire (1 site), with a further site on Arran.

The group is presently producing a feasibility study to supplement imminent funding
applications which will hopefully provide a range of open / taster days for teachers and
group leaders, together with up to 16 places for forest school leader training. A number
of our members have gone through the training at some level and this, together with the
implementation of the sub group has given us the confidence to continue with the pursuit
of setting up sustainable, high quality forest schools, led and run by local people. Anyone
working locally and interested in becoming involved in the development of forest schools
in Ayrshire please contact us to discuss potential involvement.


Pinclanty Forest Learning Trail Update

Work has continued on the learning trail despite the wet weather
through the year. The curriculum worksheets are complete and the trail posts
have been installed. We have been installing a rope along part of the trail for use as a
blindfold sensory rope trail and the last bits and pieces for the trail will be completed shortly.


Trail map and activity locations


Woodland learning trail worksheets are available as a download here
Information about the official opening will appear here in due course

Pinclanty Forest Learning Trail - Site & Emergency Contact Sheet
Learning Trail Introduction

Literacy Trail Worksheet
Environmental Trail Worksheet
Art Trail Worksheet
Maths Trail Worksheet

Bird Box Trail Map (for between February and end of July)

Butterfly Survey Identification Sheet (Included in Environment Worksheet)
Meadow Survey Identification Sheet (Included in Environment Worksheet)

Bird Survey Identification Sheet (Included in Environment Worksheet)

New Ayrshire Forest Cluster / Forest School Banners

We have recently taken delivery of new banners to promote the work of the forest
cluster and to help with the progression towards establishing a sustainable and recognised
Forest School within Ayrshire. These are available to our members for use at events etc.



We are currently developing an upland education site at Pinclanty Forest in South
Ayrshire, with the creation of new access tracks around the forest and a woodland
learning trail, providing 5-14 curriculum linked teaching and learning opportunities for
maths, literacy, art and the environment in the outdoors in the midst of spectacular
Worksheets will shortly be available here as downloadable files.

We have recently supported the 'Ayrshire's Treasured Trees' campaign run by the
Ayrshire and Arran Woodlands Partnership and produced 4 resource boxes for the prizewinning
schools which included field study resources, ordnance survey maps, books, field guides, posters,
measuring tapes, project kits and CD-Roms with both downloadable and interactive 5-14
curriculum woodland based resources.


Ayrshire's Treasured Trees resource boxes



A number of group members have been active in developing school grounds
and delivering environmental education in woodlands. Many schools have been
awarded their Eco Schools green flag following work with FEI members

Schools that have recently been involved with FEI work with Ayrshire Forest Cluster members

St. Xavier's Primary, Waterside
Auchinleck Nursery
Sorn Primary
Crossroads Primary, near Hurlford
Minishant Primary
Hurlford Primary
Lainshaw Primary, Stewarton
Newmilns Primary
Hillside School, Cumnock
Witchhill School, Kilmarnock
Kirkmichael Primary

Kilmaurs Primary
Muirkirk Primary

The Forest Cluster has recently been producing artist's charcoal from old
willow stems, packets of which will be available at events where FEI is promoted.

Click the link below for more information on willow resources & charcoal


Other FEI projects

Survivor 2007, with Yipworld.com

Pinclanty Forest

Hazel Walking Sticks

Artist's Charcoal


Members of the Ayrshire Forest Cluster are working towards setting up
sustainable Forest Schools within Ayrshire, with qualified and trained group
members, teachers and education providers.

New - Forest School Information Leaflet


Ayr County Show 2008

East Ayrshire Woodlands promoted the concept and work of the Ayrshire Forest
Cluster at the Ayr County show on the 10th and 11th of May and gave a
first outing to the group's new FEI and Forest School banners.

Woodland quiz in the willow dome  New Cluster group banners

Community officer Mark Davies with the finished display  Forester Reg Briers provides assistance


Ayr County Show 2010

East Ayrshire Woodlands constructed a traditional woodland skills display at this years
show to promote our FEI work, complete with a mini smouldering charcoal mound mockup



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