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Care for your willow

Having a living willow feature or structure installed is by no means the end of the story.

It is and should be a commitment not taken likely. Willow is a LIVING THING and as such,
needs care and attention. Things that your willow cannot do without...............


Things that your willow can definitely do without......................

Stems being choked with grass or weeds
Planting where there are overhanging trees and little light
Planting where there are extensive root systems competing for water
'lazy maintenance' such as strimming the stems or using weedkiller to keep surrounding growth down

A clear regime of care is shown in the pdf file below. If followed carefully it can lead to a thriving,
well managed structure for years to come. If neglected it can quickly become not only a tangle of dead
stems of little interest to either people or wildlife but in some cases, a considerable waste of money!

Willow can be a great educational tool as the life cycle and growth is so rapid. A brown, neglected &
uncared for structure has no educational benefit...............

Care for your willow structure (pdf)

The wonder of willow information sheet  Willow likes and dislikes information sheet

The Wonder of Willow (pdf)