Catrine Railway Cutting (** Not an EAW site**)

Following a successful bid to the 'Breathing Places' fund, work began on major improvements
and landscaping to a railway cutting in Catrine, which was badly scarred by fly tipping and fires.

A plan was drawn up to include areas of wildflower meadow, new paths, a stone seating area and amenity
grassland to provide the local community with an aesthetically pleasing resource. This also included the
repair and cleaning of the old railway bridge, which is of historical importance.

Initial sketch for new seating area.

Initial Clearance of Trees  Fly Tipping

Machinery on Site  Old grass area and Fly Tipping

Bridge before upgrading  Initial Work

Site and bridge before upgrading  Topsoil spreading

Raking  Post removal  Further preparation

 ready for seeding  seating area

 raking  Finished seating area

 Tree planting  early growth