Community Woodlands

We support a number of local community groups in the improvement of their local woodland. From creating safe paths and new accesses to production and installation of sculpture
to create a sense of local identity

Are you interested in improving your local community woodland?
We can provide advice, training and support to help local communities to improve their local woodland for biodiversity, recreation and access.

Examples of community woodland sculptures and installations

Loudon Hill near Darvel           Lainshaw, Stewarton          KIssing Gate, Sorn                     Living willow dome and tunnel               Cairn, Dunlop

Woodland interpretation panels

Burnbank Wood near Galston                         Auchlin Mine Wood, near Skares                    Hannahston Community Woodland, Drongan

Whitehill Colliery Woodland, near Skares        Whitehill Colliery Woodland, near Skares           Pinclanty Forest, near Barr, South Ayrshire

Hannahston Site Map, Drongan                        Lainshaw Woods Draft Panel, Stewarton           Pinclanty Forest Wetland Panel, Near Barr



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Community Talks

East Ayrshire Woodlands can provide illustrated talks on a variety of conservation and woodland subjects to community groups and other groups.

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Willow ResourceS

East Ayrshire Woodlands manage a willow crop of several different varieties for use in basketweaving, hurdle & garden structure making, living fences and planting schemes.

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