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January 15th 2008 - New Footpath Links for Stewarton

Involvement between East-Ayrshire Woodlands and Stewarton Woodland Action Trust has implemented the full upgrade of all footpaths within Lainshaw Community Woodland and was completed just prior to the Christmas break. In total 911 metres of footpath has now been upgraded and was funded by Forward Scotland. The path upgrade which now provides an all-weather and all-abilities link from the housing of David Dale Avenue to the main footpath running along the River Annick and connecting to other newly installed footpaths.

Further information: Reg Briers, Forester 01290 426973

January 2008 - Willow now available from our Willow Crop. See willow page for details.

October 1st 2007 - Galloway & Ayrshire Biosphere initial consultation complete. Further details at www.sup.org.uk

October 1st 2007 - Fisherman's path now open at Stewarton

The Fisherman’s Path that links the Anderson’s Mount footpath and the Lainshaw House’s footpath is now complete. All construction work is finished and is now open to the public to enjoy

July 19 2007 - Galloway & Ayrshire Biosphere Consultation meetings arranged more

July 19 2007 - Additional Footpath Construction Happening Soon………The Fisherman's Footpath, Stewarton.

In addition to the Andersons Mount Footpath that was installed earlier this year on the behalf of Stewarton Woodland Action Trust (SWAT). A new all-season whinpath will be installed during July and August 2007 that adjoins Anderson's Mount footpath and follows the course of the River Annick until the property boundary of Lainshaw House.
East-Ayrshire Woodlands has been contracted the job of installing 736 metres of whinpath with a similar specification used for Andersons Mount. The route is mainly designed for the use of pedestrians, push chairs and cyclists. The Fisherman's Footpath starts (Grid Ref; NS406 449) approximately 50 metres in from the minor road leading to the Scottish Water treatment plant and then ends at the property boundary of Lainshaw House (Grid Ref; NS409 452).
Path planning has been made easier by working closely with the plant manager at Scottish Water treatment plant at Stewarton. Firstly, the route of the Fisherman's Path goes over land owned by Scottish Water and secondly the passage of material and plant vehicles has been agreed to access the water treatment plant which has reduced haulage distances and overall project cost.
Further path work is likely to occur this year with extensions at both ends resulting in nearly 3300 metres of newly formed footpath around Stewarton by the end of 2007.
This route is one of many that is scheduled for upgrading/constructing around Stewarton and is identified as Route 7 (Annick Water Path) in the 'Stewarton Access Strategy Action Plan 2006' commissioned by SWAT.

It is advisable to the general public not to use the route once under construction as plant vehicles such as tracked dumpers and excavators will be in use at either end.
For further information, please contact EAW Forester, Reg Briers on 01290 426973

December 5 2006 - Footpath work at Anderson's Mount, Stewarton
An all-season whinpath will be installed through the mature broadleaf woodland known locally as Anderson's Mount. The footpath stretches from grid references OSGR NS406 451 (Scottish Water plant/Walled Garden) to OSGR NS399 454 (Kilwinning Road). The route is 1000 metres long and is mostly designed for motorised wheelchair access, walkers and cyclists. This route is one of many that is scheduled for upgrading/constructing around Stewarton and is identified as Route 9 in the ‘Stewarton Access Strategy 2006’ commissioned by Stewarton Woodland Action Trust (SWAT).

SWAT have secured funding from Scottish Natural Heritage and East-Ayrshire Outdoor Access Unit to cover the cost of path construction and the installation of waymarkers and benches. EAW was successful in the tendering process to project manage the whole operation on SWAT behalf and has engaged a local sub-contractor to construct the footpath and associated draining work.

It is advisable to the general public not to use this footpath once under construction as heavy plant vehicles such as tracked dumpers and excavators will be in use at either end.

For further information, please contact EAW Forester, Reg Briers on 01290 426973

December 5 2006 - Harvesting of 2006 / 07 Willow crop
We have now begun harvesting our willow crop for this year. Visit our willow resources page for further information on species available.

October 11 2006 - FEI Activities at Dunlop ECO Day

October 10 2006 - Review of the Ayrshire Local Biodiversity Action Plan.

Ayrshire contains an amazing array of habitats and species, ranging from the marine environment of the Firth of Clyde to the uplands of Muirkirk, as well and the spectacular Isle of Arran northern mountains. The Ayrshire Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP) sets out actions to protect and enhance this important wildlife and guides the work of those seeking to achieve these aims.

Since the LBAP was published in 2001, the context of biodiversity conservation in Scotland has changed, with the publication of the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy and the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act in 2004. Because of this it was decided to undertake a review of the LBAP, with a view to making it easier to use and a better fit with what is going on it the rest of Scotland.

If you have any comments on how wildlife should be managed in Ayrshire or have any information that you feel might be of use in the review, please contact Dianne Holman, Area Officer for Scottish Natural Heritage on 01292 261392.

October 9 2006 - Harvesting of 2006 / 07 Willow crop

We expect to begin harvesting our willow varieties around mid November. Visit our willow resources page or contact us for further information

August 4 2006            - Formal opening of Hannahston Community Woodland


May 2 2006             - Willow crop resources online

                                                 Page added under communities section highlighted the willow resource we can offer to community groups,
                                                 craft workers and individuals.

                                                 For further information please visit our willow resource page.

April 22 2006        - Community Training Wildlife Walks programme begins

                                                 April 22nd saw the launch of the Community Training Programme with an 'Introduction to bird song' walk at                                                  Sornbank Plantation, Sorn at 8am.Those present were treated to the sight and sounds of expected species such as                                                  blue tit, coal tit, robin and wren reacting well to the recorded sounds, together with wonderful close views of more                                                  elusive species such as chiffchaff, willow warbler and tawny owl. The second walk took place on Saturday April 29th                                                  as part of the Muirkirk Walking Festival at Kirk Plantation, Muirkirk, with enthusiastic interaction with wrens,                                                  robins, blue tits, coal tits, song thrush, mistle thrush, greenfinch and willow warbler.

                                                 For further information on the 2006 programme, visit our Communities page.

November 17 2005 - New Handrail at Bellsbank, Press release

October 1&2 2005 - Tree in the Park at Chatelherault Country Park, Hamilton

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