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Hawthorn      NATIVE

(Cretaegus monagyna)

Hawthorn leaves - The small leaves have three or more bulbous lobes with deep
indentations between them and serrated-shaped edges.

A decidious, thorny bush / small tree which can grow to about 8m (25ft) with tangled
branches, dense foliage and sharp thorns.
The common hawthorn is also called May, quickthorn, quick, thorn or whitethorn

 Hawthorn berries

There was an old Folklore custom of tying ribbons or shreds of ones clothing or rags onto hawthorn
trees at mayday, especially where they grew near wells. These were said to be gifts for the faeries or
elementals who were thought to dwell by Hawthorns.

Uses of wood - Used in past for cask hoops, basketry, walking sticks, hurdles, thatching, spars and divining rods.
Good firewood.