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Hazel (Corylus avellana)

        Hazel Nuts

Deciduous shrubs and small trees frequently coppiced and used for hedges.
Many superstitions associated with hazel from Celtic times.
Height max 6m. Maximum age 60-70 years, longer if coppiced.
Uses of wood - Used in past for cask hoops, basketry, walking sticks, hurdles, thatching, spars and divining rods. Good firewood.

 Leaves: Coarse and hairy


Buds: Pale brown twig, rough, small ovoid buds.

Folklore of the Hazel

Forked Hazel rods are traditionally used for divining - finding water and certain minerals.
Hazel nuts are considered to impart great wisdom and legend has it that the salmon acquired its knowledge
by swallowing nuts from the nine hazels of knowledge, in turn, this knowledge is said to pass on to whoever
eats the salmon.

Hazel is believed to provide protection from evil spirits, hence its use for walking sticks and wands.