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Other Crafts

Florists supplies

We have a range of willow based products which may be of interest to florists and floral craftworkers

Decorative willow stems, bunches and bundles

In the Spring we have stems / bunches of willow with nice catkins and some new growth, perfect for
use in displays or as standalone features. These look particularly attractive with small LED lights around them.
Similarly, mixed bunches of different coloured willow can provide an attractive decoration over the Winter
months and for the Christmas period.

Price per bundle, average bundle - 20 stems

3' £5 4' £6.50 5' £8 6' £9.50

7' £11

Woven hoops, table centres and wreath bases

We also produce woven willow hoops, up to 20" diameter for use as a natural wreath base or table centre, the
advantages over non natural products being that, once some can last for a second year's use and if not, can be
broken up and used for kindling rather than being sent to landfill!


Price per woven hoop, other sizes on request

6" diameter - £2.50 8" diameter - £4 10" diameter - £5 12" diameter - £6.50

14" diameter - £8

Woven natural & sprayed willow trees

For the festive period, we produce small woven willow Christmas trees, gold, silver or natural or one of each,
Trees & wreath bases are available in October, November & December.

Woven Willow Trees 

Supplied ready to hang

3 natural trees - £2.50 3 sprayed trees, single colour - £3.50 3 sprayed trees, mixed colours - £4.50

Woven willow and hazel hurdles, living willow fencing & erosion control.

We plan to offer a range of woven willow hurdles, with hazel uprights into 2012, very rustic and perfect for
a decorative screen around the garden. We can also supply and install living woven fences, screens or fedges
(basically the mix between a fence and a hedge!) which we would weave live stems around sturdy hazel uprights.

Prices for living hurdles depend upon the length and willow required and the distance. Please enquire for further details.

Similarly, we are happy to discuss opportunities for areas of willow spiling, a traditional technique to help
stabilize bankings where erosion has been a problem. This is soft engineering at its best, with no concrete, metal
or other man made or potentialy polluting products involved, just natural willow (and possibly hazel).

Woven Willow Hurdles   

Miniature willow structures and domes

Garden too small for a full size willow dome? we can make you a miniature dome or feature in a plant pot,
just treat it the same way you would with a larger dome, keep it well watered, weed free and cared for,
watch it grow, weave the new growth in towards the end of the season before leaving a striking winter
feature before the new growth starts once again. A different and unusual present!

Miniature Willow Dome  

Prices start from £20 (as for example above)

Care for your willow structure (pdf)

Other Crafts & Products

Artist's Charcoal

Finished charcoal


Recently, much of the old willow at sorn has been collected, bundled and cut in to short lengths then fired for a couple of hours to produce artist's charcoal for use in drawing and sketching.
This traditional method produces a high standard of charcoal which is excellent for artwork and smudges well.
Packets of charcoal will be on sale at forthcoming events in Ayrshire where FEI are represented.
Future plans include charcoal burning on a larger scale. Visit our charcoal burning page for more information.

Small packets of 6-7 thin stems are available for £1.50 per packet, together with thicker, larger diameter charcoal for larger scale work.

Willow Torches

Woven willow torches, either approx 4' height (£10) or 2' height (£6) complete with glass jar and tealight candle, or use your own jar. If pushed in the ground at the right time of year it may also become a living willow torch!

From 2011 / 12 we are to trial a new 8' long steambox for potentially producing steamed willow stems for use in basketmaking as
well as for steaming and bending certain wood such as ash.
Images, other details and how successful this is will appear on this web page!

Steambox interior  Steambox exterior

We would hope to be able to offer small quantities of steamed basketmaking willow to order in the future. We are also hoping to
have facilities to offer dried basketmaking willow bundles through the summer months for 2012.