Pinclanty Forest

Upland education site approximately 3 miles south west of Barr Village, South Ayrshire, with
spectacular views over the surrounding countryside.

Grid Reference: Multimap location link

Parking: Limited parking at off road entrance gate. Car park at the entrance to the forest
****Please ensure all gates are securely fastened**** No public vehicle access beyond the car park without prior

Access: Formal access throughout the site with surfaced footpaths. Some slopes may prove difficult for unaccompanied
wheelchair users. The Shorter looped route (learning trail) is accessible from near the car park. Allow 1.5 hrs to walk
the full site circuit.

Pinclanty wetland  Balligmorie View  

East Ayrshire Woodlands are currently developing an upland education site at Pinclanty Forest, near Barr
in South Ayrshire.
This has involved the creation of approximately 2.5km of access track into and around
the forest, with new gates installed by the main road and at the entrance to the forest.

Enhancement work has recently taken place to increase the area of wetland within the site and diversify
the existing habitat further.

We were expecting a log cabin to be built by a 'contractor' by about 2006 but despite
our best efforts it is now 2011 and the task was obviously beyond his capabilities!

Access creation   New entrance gate  
Entrance gate, access track creation & new learning trail route

An education learning trail is currently under construction, following a successful funding application to the
Forest Education Initiative (FEI).

The trail, which offers a new circular route from the car park, forms a magical and atmospheric route
cut right through the middle of a young plantation and also comprises of a bird box trail & tree trail with interpetive
plaques along the route. It offers learning opportunities in several curricular subjects including

Art & Design

Learning trail worksheets and maps    download here

East Ayrshire Woodlands and the Ayrshire Cluster Group have been working closely with Careers Scotland
and Barr Primary school to develop the learning trail. In addition, there will be some informal woodland games /
activities around the route.
We also have a shelter under construction which will hopefully provide opportunities as an on site
teaching room and a site for organised events, though this is not part of the learning trail.

BTCV volunteers work on learning trail   New learning trail route development   Tree trail plaques
BTCV volunteers                      New brashing for creation of new learning trail route  Tree trail interpretation

Learning trail contruction and wetland interpretation panel

Installing learning trail posts and posts for rope trail


 Signs & stick box  Initial marking of the trees  Preparing the tree ring logs  Sanding the tree ring logs

Preparing the tree ring logs  Installing number spin & weatherstation  Walking Stick Box  3d shapes / stick art box

Bird feeding station  Weatherwatch activity  Tree rings activity installation  Constructing some forest village buildings

Measure your environment activity  Feeding station viewing area  New rope trail and boardwalk  New rope trail and boardwalk
Learning trail activities

Newly developed Forest School clearing

Wildlife of Pinclanty - selected species

Black Grouse
Common Crossbill
Short-Eared Owl
Roe Deer
Brown Hare
Song Thrush

Bird Species Link

Yipworld Survivor Project

The 'Survivor' project was held at Pinclanty Forest in 2008 and 2009.
Click here for further details and photographs.