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Tawny Owl (Strix aluco

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© Copyright by Alberto Masi - www.scricciolo.com

Status: Resident
Scots Names: Wood Owl, Brown Owl, Hoolet, Cataface, Oolit

Size: 37-43cm Length
Habitat: Woodland, Parkland with mature trees. Often mobbed by thrushes, robins, wrens etc
when roosting high in a tree, close to the trunk.

Breeding: Prefers mature broadleaf trees
Call Note: Distinctive & familiar drawn out hooting and shrill repeated 'kewick'.
During courtship and when the territorial instincts increase, there can be a wide range of weird
& wonderful bubbling noises, especially if responding to human owl calls! The young have a distinctive
'pspee-p' call and they often respond to the hoot call during the day and their call can be heard from a fair distance.

Food: Mainly voles, mice and insects

Status: GREEN