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Living Willow Structures & Sculpture.

We are happy to provide advice or install living willow structures for schools and community groups, normally in the
form of arbours, tunnels, domes, archways and fences. Design plans are also available and more will be on the website
as a downloadable resource.

As a guide, a rough figure for design, supply and installation for structures is as follows;

Basic dome / willow fort facade from £300
More elaborate domes / facades with outer tunnels and features from £500
Willow tunnel, approx 10'-12' long from £400
Willow arbours / basic small wigwams from £200
Living willow hurdling / screens £30 per metre
Chairs / entrance archways £50 - £150
6' diameter living willow moongate, woven & installed £1500+


Planting trench dug, willow planted, planting trench covered in bark mulch - requires weeding on a regular basis


Whole area covered in weed suppressant sheeting and covered in bark mulch - lower maintenance, higher initial cost

**These are only as a guide, price is dependant on complexity, design, time, distance & amount of willow**

Willow Maintenance and the importance of!!

A willow installation is not something that should be taken lightly. It is a living thing and therefore needs care and
attention like any other living thing, notably, weeding, sunlight, water and selective thinning at the right time.

Due to the large amount of maintenance work we are being required to do when revisiting installed structures and
in some cases almost reworking structures that have been neglected or damaged , we can no longer offer free maintenance.
There will be a minimum charge of £100 for this service, inclusive of willow if required.
The more willow required, the higher the maintenance cost. It is something that has to be carefully
considered before committing to a structure. There is NO element of install and forget about a structure. If not
cared for it will either become wild and uncontrollable or will die. There is rarely an inbetween.

For schools who wish to do their own maintenance (which is definitely the best way as teaching the processes of life
is surely an integral part of education!) we can offer training in maintenance. Ideally, everything could be covered in weed
suppressant sheeting and covered in bark chips but with many schools (especially and unacceptably new builds)
the resultant grounds are of such minimal quality for outdoor learning, with building rubble cosmetically covered by a
thin layer of turf, that we rarely encounter the perfect conditions for willow to be planted and to thrive.

There are also many cases of grounds maintenance work, especially in the summer where workers have gone in and
sprayed weedkiller around the structure. It will kill it in weeks. We are committed to assisting schools where this has
happened, to hold individuals accountable for such actions, for which there is no excuse and ignorance is no defence.
Please please contact us if you have experienced this happening (and have proof), trust me, we would love to know :)

Hands on maintenance is good for learning, good for the soul and good for the sense of nurture and achievement.

Think of it in terms of a goldfish that never gets fed or have oxygen or its water changed = same result

Care for the willow and it will provide years of interest and enjoyment.

Examples of our recent work

Craighead Country Nursery School, Mauchline, Outer fencing and central dome, January 2018

Fullarton Fairy Trail, Troon. Elven King's and woodland dome maintenance. Gateway,March 2017

Ballantrae Primary School, living willow fence with archways, March 2017

Ballantrae Primary School, living willow outdoor classroom with benches, March 2017
Liberton High School memorial garden. 5m living willow tunnel  
Kelloholm Primary willow ruined abbey March 2016
2m living dome, Fullarton Woods Fairy Trail, December 2015  
2m living tunnel, St. Philomenas Primary, Robroyston, January 2016  
1.5m living fairy dome, New Monkland Nursery, Airdrie, January 2016



Knockengorroch Festival, Planetarium Dome April 2015
Littlemill Primary, living willow screening / tunnel , March 2015
Hobbit 'Igloo' dome, Drongan Primary, March 2015   

10 metre woven
willow tunnel,
withbark & rails,
Giffnock Primary,
February 2015

3 metre woven willow tunnel, with play bark & rails, Heriot Primary, Paisley - February 2015    
'Guardians of the Wood' Forest school wood, entrance feature, Craufurdland Estate, Fenwick
April 2014


Forehill Nursery, Ayr, February 2014



Fairlie Primary Elfin dome and outdoor classroom with outer tunnels
March 2014



Enhanced 'cave' wigwam, Underwood, Cumnock, March 2014   
Dalmilling Primary Dome, March 2014

Tarbolton Nursery entrance 'Claw'
February 2014

Seaview Respite Centre, Edinburgh
January 2014




Hayocks Primary, Stevenston

New Patna Primary School, Living willow wigwam & 76 metres of living willow fencing, March 2013


Shortlees Nursery, January 2013

View through tunnel  Detail of dome weaving

Dome and side tunnels

Patna Community Woodland, February 2013 Side view of dome with bench  Front view of dome with bench
Minishant Primary, renovation & extension, February 2013

New entrance to old tunnel and new structures

Tunnel leading to central area

Dome and outer fence

Hurlford & Crookedholme Playgroup, March 2013

woven tunnel

tunnel to dome

fence, tunnel & dome

Burnside Primary, Rutherglen, February 2013

Woven living bird hide

Woven living bird hide

Woven fence area

Woven fence area with tree bench  

Langlands School, Pollok, March 2013


Tunnel  Tunnel

Fenwick Primary 'Mango' dome & tunnel, March 2012



St. Andrew's Nursery archway & fence, March 2012



7' High, 'Holly King' Figure Sculpture, March 2012


Forehill Primary dome, tunnel & archways, March 2012


Woodlands Primary Willow fort & dome, February 2012



Willow 'fort' & dome
Craig Park School, Ayr
Winter 2010/11


willow fort  willow fort  All abilities access dome  Dome with first season growth

Fort with first season growth  Fort with first season growth  Willow dome establishes

Willow 'fort'
Ochiltree Nursery
Winter 2010/11
Ochiltree Primary Willow Folly  Ochiltree Primary Willow Folly  Ochiltree Primary Willow Folly
Logan Nursery
Willow Wind Dome
December 2011

Starting in the snow  Main structure done  Finished entrance  Finished dome

First year's growth, August 2012

Auchinleck Nursery
Dome and fencing
Auchinleck Nursery  Auchinleck Nursery  
Witchill School
Numerous willow
pergolas, domes &
New Tunnel Dome, Witchill School  New entrance dome  New season growth
Flowerbank Nursery
Archways & tunnel
Flowerbank nursery    
Grange Academy
Willow Moongate
Willow 'Moongate' under construction  Final moongate before adding the sides  Moongate growth
Hillbank Nursery
Dome & fencing
Igloo Dome, Under Construction, Hillbank Nursery  Hillbank Nursery Igloo Willow Dome  Hillbank Nursery Willow Circle  
Loudoun Montgomery
Gothic Dome & 'Eggloo'

Original dome  Original dome complete  New eggloo dome  and entrance steps

3 Entrance dome

3 entrance dome  3 entrance dome  

Willow chairs,
Hurdles & archways
Living Willow Chair  Living Willow Chair  Fence, Bellsbank  Entrance Archway, Hurlford Day Centre
Wallacetown Nursery
Willow Structure
Before tidying - Not our original structure  After weaving in  After weaving in
Older structures

Wigwam Dome, St. Xavier's Primary  Small Dome, St. Xavier's Primary  Crossroads Primary, Crown Dome  New tunnel dome, Hillside School

Willow Arbour  Willow Arch  New season growth  Bellsbank Family Centre Willow Fence


Willow structure designs & proposals

When we are asked about creating willow structures in school grounds, community areas or private gardens, we will usually ask
for initial photographs of the site and then we will arrange to come in for a visit, discuss the options, take photographs and create
mock ups on the photographs to try and give a feel how a structure might look.